Ashtanga Holistic

Down-to-earth Ashtanga Yoga

Ever felt like?

✦ You’re never quite ready to dive into Yoga?

✦  Worried that Ashtanga Yoga might be a bit too intense or dogmatic?

Keeping up a regular practice while getting the most from it is a challenge?

✦  You might be missing out if you don’t go ‘all in’?

✦  You’re comparing your Yoga practice with others?

✦ Finding it hard to sit still for Meditation?

✦ A part of you is longing for stillness and a little break from the demands of daily life?

How about?

✦ Simply enjoying the Ashtanga Yoga practice, finding that sweet spot between movement, breath and meditation.

Creating a personalized sequence that suits your needs, so you can adjust how intense you want it to be.

✦  Cultivating a deep state of concentration during your practice, thanks to knowing the Ashtanga sequence inside out.

✦  Blending meditation into your sports routine, coming to rest through movement.

✦  Mastering tools of conscious breathing to reconnect with yourself wherever you are.


There is no goal to turn the physical practice into an acrobatic show.

The TRUE PROGRESS HAPPENS WITHIN THE REALM OF MEDITATION and inner harmony that arises from this physical practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Holistic

Ashtanga Holistics was created in 2023 with the aim of making Ashtanga Yoga accessible to all people. The founding idea was to SHARE YOGA WITHOUT PREJUDICE, JUDGMENTS, OR PERFORMANCE PRESSURE. The main goal is to ensure that every person, regardless of their abilities or prior knowledge, can enjoy and benefit from yoga.

The 4 pilars of Ashtanga Holistic


We wholeheartedly believe in the healing potential of mindful breathing. Alongside pranayama techniques, we embrace the gentle, mindful breath that accompanies each practice.


We celebrate and care for our bodies through movement. Our asthanga yoga sequences are dynamic, adaptable, and full of joyful flow.


Our mission revolves around the beauty of togetherness. We cultivate a supportive and all-embracing community where everyone is invited and valued.


To us, spirituality is about meeting ourselves and every being around us with love and kindness. Our approach is free from rigid dogma, embracing diverse perspectives.

The AYI® Method

A distinctive feature of Ashtanga Holistics is the utilization of the AYI® Method. This method combines traditional Ashtanga Yoga with innovative approaches from YOGA THERAPY, MOVEMENT CULTURE, AND PSYCHOLOGY. The result is a customized practice for individuals that can range from athletic-acrobatic to therapeutic-preventive.

The focus is on considering yoga as a HOLISTIC THERAPY and creating harmony in the physical, energetic, emotional, and mental aspects. Through this approach, Ashtanga Holistics differs from many other yoga schools, as it places a strong emphasis on individuality, therapeutic approaches, and a holistic perspective of yoga.

The 3 Dimensions of the AYI Method:

I Tristhana

Imagine Ashtanga Yoga as a dynamic meditation, guided by the rhythm of your breath. The pace is set by your deep, steady inhales and exhales, accompanied by a soft sound (known as ujjayi breath). This rhythm extends beyond your breath, flowing into the dance of your body’s motions (vinyasa), the direction of your energy (bandhas), and even your focused gaze (dristi).

II Fixed Sequence

To synchronize movement and breath, a set sequence, much like a dance choreography, is essential. This sequence is like a magic code that opens the door to a calming meditative zone, where distractions fade away. Through the AYI method, sequences can be tailored to your needs – whether you’re recovering from an injury or seeking a gentler approach. While it may appear unique for each individual, its positive impact remains the same.

III Mysore Style

There is a special teaching technique used in Ashtanga Yoga called Mysore style (named after the city in India where Ashtanga Yoga comes from). It is based on the fact that each person practices in his own rhythm, chooses the series that suits him and also the form. The teacher helps individually and supports with gentle adjustments.

Offered Courses

The offerings of Ashtanga Holistics are tailored for both beginners and those who want to resume after a break, or simply wish to do something good for their body. The “Basic Class” course is designed specifically for this target audience. Additionally, there are regular workshops that provide a solid introduction to yoga for beginners and convey the fundamentals of this practice.